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Retired Jerseys

Retiring Jerseys
Guidelines and Policies

  1. When a jersey is retired, it is the name, not the number, which is retired.
  2. Retiring a jersey requires board approval.
  3. Presentation of a retired jersey will occur at a corresponding sporting event.
  4. Jerseys of individuals who have achieved the status of professional athlete or who have achieved some other substantial athletic distinction or honor will be considered for retirement by a standing committee (including, but not limited to, the high school principal, athletic director, UIL academic coordinator, head band director, and a community member) who will make a recommendation to the board.
  5. Retired jerseys will be displayed in the museum.

* In the unfortunate event of the death of an athlete, the coach or team may choose to honor that individual in some way, but the jersey will not be retired.  (For instance, a team may choose to wear the student's number as a patch on their jersey for a season or two.)

** Measures equivalent to retiring a jersey, such as placing a picture or a plaque in the museum, will be put into place for other areas, such as fine arts, career and technology programs, or academics, where a former student achieves a substantial distinction.


Retired Jerseys

1959 Don Adams #13
1977 Kenneth Sims #77