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Google Apps

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is a suite of tools designed to make teachers, students, and administrators more effective at communicating and sharing information and resources. Below is a chart of the apps, the purpose of each app, and resources that you can use to better learn how to use these apps.


Google App






Cloud-based storage for files and folders; sharing resources with others


Share almost any kind of files with students and have them share files with you.

Drive and Docs - Level 1 Training


Drive and Docs - Level 2 Training


Google Classroom


Blended learning platform that allows sharing of announcements and assignments. Also allows students to turn in assignments online and for teachers to grade and return them online.

Google Classrooom 101 Video  



Create documents


Create worksheets, fliers, newsletters, and other items and share them directly with students via Drive or Gmail

A great beginner’s guide for using Docs


Web-based email


Communicate with one student or parent at a time or a whole class of students or parents.

Learn Gmail at


The basics of Gmail  - Part 1


The basics of Gmail integration at school and in the classroom


Create spreadsheets

A great beginner’s guide for using Sheets


Create presentations

A great beginner’s guide for using Slides


Create surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and other ways to collect information

Great ideas for using Google Forms with students


Create drawings and images

Google’s guide for creating a drawing


Store and share important dates and events

Learn Google Calendar at


The basics of Google Calendar


Level 2 calendar training