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Asthma and Anaphylaxis

Medications for Asthma and Anaphylaxis

A student with asthma or severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) may be permitted to possess and use prescribed asthma or anaphylaxis medication at school or school-related events only if he or she has written authorization from his or her parent/guardian and a physician or other licensed health-care provider.  The student must also demonstrate to his or her physician/health care provider and the school nurse the ability to use the prescribed medication, including any device required to administer the medication.  The student must carry the inhaler or emergency medication in the properly labeled original container.  Written authorization to self-administer asthma or anaphylaxis medication must be updated annually.

If the student has been prescribed asthma or anaphylaxis medication for use during the school day, the student’s parent/guardian should discuss this with the school nurse or principal.


Inhaler with Spacer

If your student will be bringing an inhaler to school this year, please provide a spacer to your campus nurse. Due to COVID-19, it is best practice to use a spacer in the school setting. 

If older than 12 with a doctor's note a student is allowed to carry their inhaler with them, please provide proper documentation to your campus nurse. 

For all Students using an inhaler at school, please provide an Asthma Action Plan filled out by your physician to your campus. 

Asthma Action Plan

If your child has asthma that may require treatment at school please fill out the School Asthma Action Plan.  This will give us the necessary information and authorization to treat your child.  Please bring all supplies and this completed paperwork to the school nurse in your child’s campus.

Your child’s supplies should include:

  • Reliever inhaler with prescription label (please ask pharmacy to place label directly on inhaler)
  • Spacing device, if available
  • Nebulizer medicine and supplies, if necessary
  • Peak flow meter, if your child’s Action Plan includes peak flow values that will help us assess yhour child’s breathing

In order for your child to have the best possible school year, it is important that the nurse have the necessary supplies and information to provide appropriate care.

Please remember that Groesbeck ISD’s policies do not allow your child to carry his/her inhaler while at school, unless you and your child’s physician check the appropriate boxes on the Asthma Action Plan.  Otherwise, all medications must be kept in the school clinic and used only under approved supervision.  Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s campus nurse.

School Asthma Action Plan

Mychal Masters, RN (District Nurse and 9th grade – 12th grade) at (254) 729-4101
Jenny Flowers, RN (4th grade - 6th grade) at (254) 729-4185
Kasey Ladd, LVN (7th & 8th grades) at (254) 729-4185
Brittany Prichard, LVN (EE-3rd grade) at (254) 729-4170