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Food Allergies and Substitutions

Allergy Information

Information regarding the district concerning allergies for students can be found in the student handbook. Parent(s) or guardian(s) of students with food allergies should notify the child’s campus of their child's allergies and request a form for written notification.  Contact your child’s campus regarding allergies and request an allergy information form for written notification.  The form needs to be returned to the school nurse at your child’s school.

Dietary Substitutions

Generally, children with food allergies or intolerances do not have a disability as defined under either Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or Part B of IDEA, and the school food service may, but is not required to, make food substitutions for them. However, when in the licensed physician's assessment, food allergies may result in severe, life-threatening (anaphylactic) reactions, the child's condition would meet the definition of "disability," and the substitutions prescribed by the licensed physician must be made. 

Contact your child’s campus regarding necessary substitutions and request a dietary substitution form for written notification.  The form needs to be returned to the school nurse at your child's school.

The Child Nutrition department may contact you for additional information related to your child's specific needs.

Parents:  Remember that for life-threatening allergies or other serious conditions, meals from home provide the safest option.