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Stadium Rules and Guidelines

Groesbeck High School Stadium Rules & Regulations

General Facilities

  • All fans will be subject to these rules.
  • The district will enforce a "no re-entry" policy during games.
  • No firearms allowed.
  • State law and school district policies will be in effect concerning alcoholic beverages and controlled substances.
  • The use of tobacco products in any form (vapes included) is prohibited on all school district property. (State Law)
  • Confetti, balloons, baby powder, flour, or similar items requiring detailed clean-up are not permitted in the stadium.
  • No sound systems will be allowed into the stadium.
  • Items such as Frisbees, balls, whistles, air horns, etc. are not allowed.
  • No spectators are permitted on the field.
  • Glass bottles and/or containers are prohibited in the parking lot.
  • No pyrotechnics can be used in the facility.
  • Representatives from Groesbeck ISD Booster clubs and other organizations may sell school specific spirit item inside the gate; however, you must have a permission from high school and/or GISD administration.
  • Tailgate parties must be approved by GISD Athletics and the campus principal and be in line with GISD tailgating regulations.
  • Click the following link for Guidelines for Students at Athletic Events

Ticket Booths & Gates:

  • All Groesbeck ISD athletic event tickets are sold online at Tickets will be sent to your email after purchase. Show this ticket including the QR code at the gate to enter the stadium.
  • Gates will open 1 hour prior to the game time for spectators. Home gates are located on the north side of the stadium. Visitor gates are located on the north side of the stadium closest to the baseball/softball complex.
  • All elementary students must be accompanied by an adult to enter the game.
  • Spectators will not be allowed to leave the stadium and return without purchasing another ticket.
  • No outside food or drink may be brought into the stadium; this does not apply to band, drill team or cheerleaders.
  • Coolers are not allowed
  • No pets allowed except for service animals.
  • No backpacks are allowed in the stadium. All bags are subject to search.
  • No freestanding chairs are permitted.

Playing Field:

  • Spectators are not allowed on the field or court of play before or after the game.
  • Only emergency vehicles may be parked inside the stadium. No vehicles of any kind are allowed to drive on the field surface; including trailers and golf carts.
  • All equipment on wheels must not be moved across the field. Please move such equipment around the outside boundaries of the field.
  • Sideline access is restricted to team personnel and other approved, credentialed individuals.
  • Food, gum, sunflower seeds and tobacco are prohibited at all times around or on the field area.
  • Victory lines should be limited to drill team and cheerleaders only.

Dressing Rooms:

  • Decoration of the locker rooms is not allowed.
  • Only authorized personnel in the field house area before the game, at halftime or after the game.
  • GISD is not responsible for any articles left in the dressing rooms before, after, or during games.


  • No artificial noise makers will be permitted in the stadium. Only man-made noise makers are allowed. Examples include small shakers, inflatable boom sticks, clacker and cowbells.
  • No face paint or sign paint allowed in the stadium.
  • No loitering will be permitted. Spectators must sit in the stands and keep off the rails. Aisles should be kept clear at all times. Students may not cross to the other side of the stadium.
  • All signs and banners must be to promote the school team and program. No negative signs toward opponent. No signs or posters may be hung in the end zone areas or over any other existing signage. No signs or hung from the top rail fence. At the closure of event, designated personnel from each school will remove all signage and straps.

Game Day Traffic - Directions to the GISD Stadium:

  1. From northbound turn right on to Martin Luther King Street. 
  2. From southbound turn left on to Martin Luther King Street. 
  3. Go all the way to the softball field and turn right. Busses will park behind the visitors’ side stands. Teams and Band will enter via the ramp on the visitors’ side. Football locker rooms are located under the home stands closest to the home ticket gate. 

Groesbeck High School Map for Football Games


Groesbeck High School Stadium Rules and Regulations (pdf)

Student Guidelines at JV and Varsity Football Games (pdf)